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Garage Door Services

We provide top-quality sales, repairs, maintenance, and services for all your garage door needs.

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Automatic Gate

Contact us for the best deals in sales, repairs, and maintenance of all types of automatic gates.

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Roller Shutter Services

We offer top-notch services in industrial and residential roller shutters.

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Turnstile Services

Contact us today for your sales, maintenance, and repairs of all types of turnstiles.

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Pedestrian Traffic Control

We provide an effective pedestrian traffic control and management system using access control-enabled speed gate turnstile.

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Home Automation

Let's be your home automation plug by designing a smart system to monitor and/or control your home attributes.

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Access Control

We provide solutions and render services for enforcing access control policies in residences and workplaces.

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Solar Inverter Installation

We offer an alternative power solution freely generated from sunlight.

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Multi-Room Audio-system

Get in touch with us today for your multi-room audio system which can be used to monitor, and/or control home audio/music attributes.

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CCTV Camera System

We offer a video surveillance system designed to ensure security at prescribed locations by monitoring personnel activities and keeping track of events.

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Home Cinema

Contact us today for your home entertainment audio-visual system that reproduces a movie theater experience in the comfort of your home.

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Automatic Change Over

We build and install a self-acting, intelligent power-switching device governed by dedicated control logic for switching between grid and generator power without interruption.

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Parking Management System

We provide an effective vehicular traffic control and parking management system using an access control-enabled barrier gate system.

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Electric Fencing

Thinking of a security barrier that uses electric shocks to deter intruders from crossing a boundary? Contact us today for your electric fence supply and installation.

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Pergola (motorized)

With our pergola services, we create the flexibility to enjoy outdoor relaxation in any weather.

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We supply and install awnings that serve as a covering and a retractable roof.

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